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How Speak with Penelope Works

Speak with Penelope offers a streamlined approach to managing menopause symptoms, providing diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. 

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Here’s how our streamlined approach works:


Consult with Our Nurse Practitioner

Schedule a comprehensive virtual appointment with a Nurse Practitioner to discuss your symptoms and concerns in detail.


Receive Blood Work Requisition

After your initial consultation, you may receive a blood work requisition. Depending on your symptoms, we may suggest further testing.


Appointment with Nurse Practitioner

You’ll have a follow-up appointment with a Nurse Practitioner to review your results. Based on these results, we’ll discuss treatment options, which could include hormone replacement therapy, lifestyle changes, or both.


Personalized Treatment Plan

If medication is prescribed, you’ll receive a prescription that you can take to your pharmacy of choice. You’ll also receive a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


Ongoing Care and Adjustments

After your treatment plan is in place, you’ll receive a check in at 30 days to assess its effectiveness.  We will suggest another follow-up at the 3-month mark to make any necessary adjustments.