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Menopause symptom relief starts here.

Online care and personalized support in perimenopause, menopause & beyond.

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Comprehensive online menopause care at your fingertips

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Self-Assessment & Consultation

Begin your journey with our quick, no-cost self–assessment.

It’s the first step towards understanding your  Menopause symptoms. Then, book a Virtual consultation with our Clinical Director to tailor your care.

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Blood Work Requisition

Based on your initial consultation, we’ll send you a blood work requisition. This is your next step in understanding what’s happening in your body.

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Comprehensive Evaluation & Ongoing Care

Complete your bloodwork test and let us handle the rest. We will schedule a detailed evaluation with a Medical Clinician to craft a care plan that’s as unique as you.

After your evaluation and blood work review, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan, which may include HRT or BHRT options.

Hormone Therapy (HRT)

Treat your hormonal changes with proven hormone therapies.

 Learn about your options from certified doctors & nurses assigned to your care

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Non-Hormone Therapies

Non-Hormone prescriptions treatments & natural supplements.

You’ll receive a comprehensive treatment plan, which will include intregrated solutions.

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Weight Management 


Improve your metabolic health

Science based weight loss solutions

Prescriptions medications, validated supplements, self-guided solutions & more

Take Control of Your Symptoms

You are not making it up. Hormonal changes in midlife are responsible for a wide range of symptoms. By treating them, you can feel better today and help prevent health risks later in life.

Speak with Penelope can help with that.

Treatment Plans

Plans start at:


Follow-up Appointments


Feel better with ongoing support.
Track your symptoms, adjust your plan with the help of your provider.

Why Women choose Speak with Penelope

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend starting with our quick self-assessment. This is a clinically validated tool designed to help identify menopause symptoms.

If your assessment results indicate that you’re experiencing symptoms consistent with menopause, we recommend booking an appointment with a Speak with Penelope clinician for a comprehensive evaluation.

Start the assessment here.

Speak with Penelope offers a streamlined approach to managing menopause symptoms, providing diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete Our Online Assessment: Take our 2-minute quiz to see if Speak with Penelope can support your specific needs. This assessment is designed to identify symptoms and guide your treatment options.
  2. Book an Appointment with your Medical Practitioner: Schedule a judgement-free, comprehensive Virtual (video) evaluation with your Nurse Practitioner to discuss your symptoms and concerns in detail.
  3. Receive Blood Work Requisition: After your initial consultation, you’ll receive a blood work requisition. This is a crucial step in understanding your hormonal levels and other key indicators.
  4. Receive Your Treatment Plan: You will receive a full detailed plan which will cover all treatment options, which could include hormone therapy, diet and exercise recommendation, ideal supplements for you and lifestyle strategies. If medication is prescribed, you’ll receive a prescription that you can take to your pharmacy of choice. 
  5. Ongoing Care and Adjustments: After your treatment plan is in place, you’ll have a choice to book a follow-up appointment after 30 days to assess its effectiveness. Another follow-up is suggested at the 3-month mark to make any necessary adjustments.

Absolutely! We still require all patients to go through our diagnostic process to ensure we can provide you with the highest quality of care.

Complete our free self-assessment here.

Speak with Penelope is for anyone who believes they are experiencing menopause symptoms. We focus on women because menopause is a condition that primarily affects women.

Yes, we prescribe all medications outlined by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) guidelines. Your clinician will recommend medication(s) based on a variety of factors.

We provide two main services, each with its own pricing:

  • Diagnostic Assessment: A one-time fee of $399 covers the 5-step process, from initial assessment to treatment plan optimization.
  • Continuous Care: Ongoing appointments are priced at $79 each, which includes a 15-minute consultation and prescription refill if needed.

Speak with Penelope is covered by private insurers that offer a health spending account. If you need financial support, contact us.

You can claim Speak with Penelope’s diagnosis & treatment costs if your private insurance plan offers a health spending account.

Simply click on “Assessment” to begin your journey to better menopause management.

Discover How Penelope Can Support Your Journey: Take Our Expert-Designed Menopause Assessment in Just 2 Minutes.

How You Manage Menopause Can Change Your Life

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How is Penelope Different

Penelope revolutionizes menopause care by offering exceptional, cost-effective solutions with swift service, transforming the conventional approach to menopause management

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Cost of treatment
$ 399 one time fee $2,500 (average)$0
Wait time
Avg. 2 Weeks8+ Weeks6+ months
Personalized treatment plan
Able to prescribe hormone therapy
Financial assistance available
YesNoNot applicable

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Penelope is only available in British Columbia (BC).

Penelope is covered by most insurer-provided Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) in BC.

The diagnostic assessment is completed online and over the phone. You’ll receive a diagnosis within weeks, based on your medical history and blood work.

The $399 one-time fee covers your comprehensive diagnostic assessment, including blood work requisition, initial consultation with our menopause-expert clinician, and a personalized treatment plan. A prescription will also be provided if suitable for your condition.

Many new Penelope patients find they benefit from one appointment every 8–12 weeks. Once an optimal treatment dose is reached, appointments typically occur every 6 months.

Follow-up appointments include continued discussions around your treatment, hormone therapy adjustments, and prescription renewals.

Currently, we can only serve those with Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) in BC.

Simply click on “Assessment” to begin your journey to better menopause management.

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